Octoverse 2022

The state of open source software

An exploration of open source software including its impact on the world and companies, plus key trends shaping software development.

You can’t develop software anymore these days without doing open source.

When we released our first Octoverse report 10 years ago to celebrate 2.8 million people on GitHub, we couldn’t have predicted the impact open source would have on the world.

In 2012, most businesses were only using open source software (OSS) to run their web servers—and even as Red Hat achieved a $1 billion dollar valuation, other critical, big-name projects, such as Kubernetes and Docker, hadn’t yet been released.

Today, we live in a very different world.

  • 94M developers are on GitHub
  • 90% of companies use open source*
  • 90%+ of Fortune 100 companies use GitHub
  • 413M open source contributions in 2022

*“State of Open: The UK in 2021 Phase Three The Values of Open.” October 2021. Open UK. Accessed August 5, 2022.

But what impact is open source really having on the world and how is it changing businesses?

In this year’s report, we will answer this question by exploring the scale and growth of software development across GitHub, and how people, communities, organizations, and companies collaborate and invest in open source software.

We uncover three big trends to watch:


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