The State
of the

This year, collaborating more than ever before, with 1.1 billion contributions—and counting.

You’re transcending borders and barriers of all varieties to create something unquantifiable: a community of leaders, dreamers, dissenters, tinkerers, and doers building the way forward.

To celebrate a year of teamwork across time zones, programming languages, and billions of lines of code, let’s take a look back on the communities and projects you’ve created in 2018. 2018 is defined as the last 365 days from the last Octoverse release, Oct 1st 2017 through Sept 30th 2018.

> Overview

31 M+

building on GitHub—including more new users in 2018 than in our first six years combined. “Developers” refers to the total number of user accounts on GitHub as of September 30, 2018, regardless of their activity status.

2.1 M+

bringing people together. There are 40% more organizations on GitHub this year than last year. “Organizations” refers to the total number of paid and free organization accounts created, including active and inactive accounts as of September 30, 2018.

96 M+

hosted on GitHub, 40% more than last year. Almost one third of all repositories were created in the last year. “Repositories” and “new repositories” include the public and private repositories you’ve forked as of September 30, 2018.

200 M+
pull requests

created, ever. And you created more than one third of these in the last 12 months alone. “Pull requests” refers to the total number of pull requests created in public and private repositories, excluding those created by spammy users.

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