Our ecosystem is growing fast. You’re not just building on GitHub. You’re working more with the tools you create and integrate—and fixing bugs while you’re at it.

App Ecosystem

33 %

in the number of apps you’ve added to our ecosystem in the last 12 months. Our apps ecosystem also grew faster this year than last year. “Applications” describe all applications in the GitHub ecosystem, including OAuth and GitHub Apps on and off Gitub Marketplace.

2 X
more app installs

across our ecosystem. The number of users who have ever installed an app on GitHub has doubled in the last 12 months.

2 X
more productive

when using apps. Members of organizations on GitHub are more than twice as active in making substantive contributions if their organizations use apps on GitHub. “2x more productive” means individuals make twice as many contributions if their organization uses any app on GitHub than if their organization does not use an app on GitHub.


A place to share and discover apps

150K+ developers and organizations

currently using apps and tools from GitHub Marketplace. The number of developers engaging with Marketplace apps has also grown by 62%.

A growing Marketplace helps software development stay accessible and makes space for new apps (and their developers) to shine regardless of their team size or resources. More apps also means more ways to work better. We define “engaging” as installing one or more application (free or paid) from GitHub Marketplace. Installation patterns are based on top paid and unpaid applications by installation in 2018.

The most popular app category stacks

Based on installation patterns, individuals using Marketplace are more likely to be interested in automating backups, while organizations are more likely to be interested in automating dependency updates.

Among developers using more than one app on Marketplace, common combinations are between continuous integration (CI) and security, code quality, and project management. Top categories, ranked by installation. Categories are based on applications available on GitHub Marketplace. Selecting a category is a requirement for listing.

CI + Security + Project management

CI + Security + Code quality

CI + Project management + Code quality


5M+ vulnerability alerts

Since we’ve launched security alerts, we’ve alerted you to more than 5 million vulnerabilities across the open source projects your teams depend on. And you’ve already resolved more than 800,000 of these.

213 Bug Bounty reports, resolved

This year, more than 150 hackers helped us resolve issues in an average of 6 days. Together, the engineers and researchers in our program earned more than $300,000 in bounties.

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